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San José is the capital of Costa Rica, while walking on its streets, people can discover the diversity of its architecture. The town is ideal for small trails in the districts of Carmen, Cathedral, Merced, and Hospital. You can admire the beautiful architecture of several buildings listed as National Monuments, of cultural, historical or architectural interest, such as the Post Office (Edificio de Correos y Telégrafos), the National Theater, 'Child, the Blue Castle (Castillo Azul), etc.

The town is characterized by a gastronomic offer and quality accommodation, where bed and breakfasts, famous sodas or small restaurants of local specialties and fast food are not lacking. The nightly atmosphere is very lively by trendy cafés, theaters and cinemas.

The religious celebrations and the Popular Festivities of the city of San José take place in December. Tourists like to participate.

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