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Explore Limòn and discover the Afro-Caribbean culture of Costa Rica

The province of Limon is located in the eastern part of the country, along the coast of the Caribbean Sea. It shares borders with Cartago, Heredia, Puntarenas and San Jose. With its 9,188 km2, it is the fourth province in terms of area, which makes it occupy 18% of the national territory, three times more than Cartago. The province is divided into 6 cantons and 27 districts. Its capital Puerto Limon is home to the country's largest port. This port is the economic center of the whole region.

Limon differs from other provinces because of its inhabitants, most of whom are of Afro-Caribbean origin. It is the descendants of workers who have been brought from Jamaica and other Caribbean Islands to replace the Chinese in railway construction and banana plantations. As a result, apart from Spanish, there is a kind of Creole English that is spoken in the province. Today, banana exports still represent a pillar of Limon’s economy. This part of the country is also home to some indigenous tribes who have lived there for hundreds of years and still speak their ancestral language.

A visit to this province will not only show you that it is culturally rich, but also contains national parks, beaches and other tourist attractions that will remind you that you are still in the country of Pura Vida.

Seaside experience

Bordered by the Caribbean Sea, the province of Limon is home to beautiful beaches that amaze all types of tourists. As it is the case for Guanacaste’s and Puntarenasbeaches, those of Limon allow tourists to do several water activities, especially surfing. When you’ll have your feet firmly anchored in Limon, your visit to one of its beaches will make you live a seaside experience completely different from the one that another destination could offer you. The crystal clear water of Punta Uva Beach is enough to charm you completely and make you stay in the province indefinitely. The tropical paradise which is Manzanillo Beach will not let you leave without exploring its marine ecosystem. As for Cocles Beach, it will invite you to lie down on its silky sand to relax and enjoy your day.

Nature experience

Your visit to this coastal province will make you live an experience that is out of the ordinary. Like the other provinces, Limon is home to national parks meant for the preservation of the country's biodiversity.

While visiting the Tortuguero National Park, you will encounter several kinds of animals, each in its natural habitat. It is specifically the marine wildlife of the park that will surprise you. The Cahuita National Park will also give you the opportunity to meet several animals that have chosen the forest for home, especially the multitude of birds that will make you hear different songs.

A visit to the Volio Waterfall, a jewel hidden in the heart of Bribri jungle, will surely make you run into a native people on the way.

Cultural experience

The province of Limon has a culture that is very different from the rest of the country. In fact, it is a mixture of several cultures due to the distinct peoples that inhabit this region of the country. No matter the duration of your stay, you will notice very quickly that the different components of this cultural mosaic are: Latin, Afro-Caribbean, indigenous and many others that are the contribution of foreigners who have settled permanently.

To better apprehend this amalgam of cultures, you must attend Limon’s Carnival, a great event that brings together all the inhabitants of the province. During your visit, do not hesitate to taste each variant of this cultural salad by participating in the carnival.

After having celebrated with the Costa Ricans, visit the Limon EthnoHistorical Regional Museum to learn more about the multi-cultural development of the province and the evolution of its history.

Limon’s Carnival


Limon EthnoHistorical Regional Museum


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