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Playa Uvita

This beach is located in the Marino Ballena National Park about 16 km south of  Dominical city, in the southern part of the province. Its turquoise blue crystalline waters and white sand make it simply beautiful. In addition, nearby estuaries and marshy mangroves offer breathtaking landscapes. However, what makes this beach very different and more attractive than many others is its whale-tail-shaped sandbank, which you can walk on if the tide is low. In fact, if you go between December and April there are chances that you see whales coming down for the mating season before going back to the North.

Uvita is perfect for those who want to take a short walk on the sand, relaxing and swimming with peace of mind. However, it also suits the needs of those seeking excitement through other activities such as: snorkel, kayaking, diving, surfing and even  horseback riding. So, if you are a novice surfer, fear not because the waters are relatively calm. Uvita is bordered by palm and other trees, making it an excellent place to rest in the shade on a hammock. During your relaxation, perhaps you will have the opportunity to see monkeys (capuchin) and birds (red macaw). If after your relaxation you will want to eat and drink some alcohol, there are restaurants, bars and sodas (small cafes) close to the beach that will be happy to serve you.

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