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Playa Manuel Antonio

This beautiful beach is located in the national park of the same name, just a 30-minute walk from the main entrance. Its picturesque beauty has listed it among the country’s best and most beautiful beaches. Being the main beach of the park, you will have no problem to lie on its white sand to enjoy a good relaxation; which will allow you at the same time to see the animals that are in the nearby forest. In addition, its crystal-clear warm waters are excellent for snorkeling. If you do this activity, be attentive as you can see corals and other marine creatures.

Although it is possible to do only few water activities, this beach is very popular with tourists and locals. It is ideal for a family picnic, swimming or playing beach-volleyball. Going to this beach will be a great way to end your visit of the park. Among the very large number of tourists who visited it, nearly 11,000 gave it the nice score of 4.5/5 via TripAdvisor.

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