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Playa Dominical

Located in the southern part of the province, in a village of the same name, south of Quepos city, Dominical beach is a jewel for the Ticos and Ticas.

With its brown sand and turquoise blue water, Dominical measures about 1.5 kilometer long. It may not be very recommended for swimming due to strong waves, but it is excellent for surfing. So, if you are a beginner in surfing, seise the opportunity to take a few classes in one of the few schools that are in the vicinity of the beach.

In addition to surfing, you will also have pleasure sport fishing, white water rafting, taking part in a guided canopy tour, etc.

Close to the beach, there are lush tropical forests where you can hike and see the Costa Rican fauna.

While visiting this beach, make some time to take part in a guided tour that will allow you to observe the whales. To maximize your chances of seeing them, be sure to go during the months of August to October or December to April.

Dominical Beach is ideal for couples who want to escape the daily routine without their children for a moment of pure relaxation. Nature lovers will also appreciate this beautiful beach.

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