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Nauyaca Waterfall

If you visit Puntarenas, do not miss the opportunity to visit this waterfall, if only to admire it in all its splendor. It is considered one of the main attractions in the south of the country.

Sitting in a nearly 80 meters wide canyon, it consists of two series of falls totaling 200 feet in height. Of course, these falls pour into a large natural pool that’s about 20 feet deep; but there are also other smaller natural pools located in the lower falls. It is in these small pools that you’ll be able to bathe.

It is a beautiful and suitable place to spend a pleasant day with family, friends or alone. To get there, you'll have to walk in the corridors of a rainforest through a trail that’s less than a 30-minute walk from Dominical Beach. If you are a nature lover, this waterfall will also please you and give you as much pleasure as anyone who has already visited it.

In case you would want to put on a swimsuit before bathing, it will be possible to do so in the facilities provided. They are located just before the main path leading to the waterfall. When going there, it is recommended to bring plenty of water, a mosquito repellent and non-slip closed-toed shoes. It is better to go early in the morning, because it’s crowded in the afternoon, especially from December to April.

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