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Virgin of the Sea Day

This grand festival is celebrated on July 16 and honors the Virgin. It marks the closing of two weeks of festivities. Basically, it's a rural holiday celebrated in a special way. Locals and tourists head to the beach (in the Gulf of Nicoya) to watch boats, sailboats and yachts decorated with flowers. These boats form a procession, each bearing an effigy of the patron saint of Puntarenas, the Virgin of Mont Carmelo. For fishermen and sailors, this holiday is intended to implore the oceans’ clemency for the next fishing season. Apart from this procession, other activities also take place, including: dance shows and songs, parades on the beach and downtown, games, etc. These festivities last until late at night. In case you are in Puntarenas or elsewhere in the country during this period, go celebrate this fiesta with the citizens.

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