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Puntarenas’ Carnival

Throughout the year, north of Puntarenas celebrates its history with several major events. Known as the Queen of Costa Rica's celebrations, Puntarenas’ Carnival is one of those key events that spotlight the Costa Rican culture. It’s by the end of February that it is celebrated during a whole week. At the same time, this carnival precedes their Lent which takes place in February and March. During this celebration, citizens take part in exciting entertainment. It does not only include food, beer and music (outdoor concert), it attracts a lot of locals and tourists who can participate in dances all night, attend fireworks, parades, and fishing & volleyball tournaments during the whole week. The parades are composed of groups of dancers and Mascaradas (gigantic painted heads expressing a range of emotions). Children also participate in this festivity because there are games available for them. There is even a beauty contest that takes place on the first day of the festivities. If this celebration seems to you a good way to acquaintance the Costa Rican culture, north of Puntarenas awaits you at the end of February.

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