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Volio Waterfall

This small wonder is located in the heart of a tropical forest and is considered one of the greatest tourist attractions in the region. More precisely, you will find this forest near the town of Bribri, a small reserve of natives whose inhabitants still speak their ancestral language and even Spanish. This reserve is located only a few kilometers from Puerto Viejo, very close to the Panama border.

To reach the Volio Waterfall, also called Bribri Waterfall, it is recommended to have a local guide because the trail to get there is quite difficult. Therefore, once you have walked the whole path, you will face these magnificent falls that are 15 meters high. You will be amazed not only by the waterfall, but by the lush flora and the tropical fauna as well. The waters of the waterfall clash against rocks before falling into a natural pool. You will have the opportunity to swim in these cool waters, and even climb on the summit. It is recommended to visit the waterfall during the dry season, because only to approach it, there are three different rivers to cross.

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