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Punta Uva Beach

This Caribbean beach is famous for its waters that are crystal blue and relatively calm. It is located in a small town of the same name, about 9 km from the city center of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. The fine white sand and the vegetation that embellish it, make it one of the most beautiful beaches in southern Costa Rica. Measuring only 500 meters long, it is very popular with young people and couples looking to spend as lovers. It does not give the opportunity to do a lot of water activities, but you can still snorkel or fish, and children can swim safely because of the waves that are rather small and the currents that are weak .

The exuberant tropical forest that borders PuntaUva is home to some animal species. So, during your visit, be prepared to see: monkeys, toucans, sloths, iguanas and many more. In addition, a boat tour will let you see dolphins and manatees. If, like many other people, you would like to experience a memorable seaside experience on the Caribbean coast while observing a variety of wildlife, Punta Uva Beach is the answer.

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