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Limon’s Carnival

This mega event is a huge party that was introduced by the late King Alfred and his friends in 1949. It is celebrated throughout the province, but mainly in the capital (Puerto Limon). Limon’s Carnival, also called La Dia de las Culturas (Cultures’ Day) is celebrated in October each year and lasts from 8 to 10 days, according to the edition. During the whole duration of the carnival, the days are very busy due to many different activities. Of these activities, there is the election of Miss Caribbean, folk music, parades of decorated floats, Brazilian dance shows (eg Zumba). There are also giant mannequins made of cardboard dancing on spot for hours. The festivities take place at night and during the day.

During the carnival, the streets are lively and resonate to the sound of calypso and Spanish and Jamaican reggae music. Every corner of the city is crowded with people from not only other provinces, but also some other countries that have come to celebrate with the citizens of Limon. Although the focus is mainly on Afro-Caribbean culture, the other cultures are however not neglected. There are food stands, some of which propose to taste the local style of the Gallo Pinto, a national dish. The Carnival of Limon is the largest cultural festival of Costa Rica. In fact, it is one of the most famous festivals of all the American continent. In addition, this carnival commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus on the coast in 1502. If you visit Costa Rica during the celebration of this carnival, do not miss the opportunity to be part of it and even dance to the sound catchy music.

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