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Ojo de Agua Park

This park is extremely popular with Costa Ricans; it is located in San Antonio, a district in the canton of Belen, not too far from Alajuela. Literally, ojo de agua means: water eye. It is surrounded by hiking trails, lakes and open spaces for sports (volleyball, football, basketball, etc.). By going to this park, you will have the opportunity to also do water activities, such as: rowing boats, kayaks, etc. There is a game room that will be at your disposal if you prefer being indoors. Do not be worried if you are hungry, because there is a restaurant that of course serves delicious Costa Rican dishes.

To better accommodate all age groups, Ojo de Agua Park has four pools. The first is considered Olympic size because it is 33 meters long, 4 meters deep and has towers with stepping stones. It is rather reserved for expert swimmers. The second is also big and is at a lower level. It contains a waterfall with jets of water at one end. The jets of this waterfall will give you an excellent massage, if your muscles are sore. The third is round and is smaller than the first two. It is ideal for those who want to learn to swim with peace of mind. The fourth is a paddling pool and is intended for small children. It contains sand at the upper level where children can play safely, and even make a sand castle if they want to.

The park has a natural water source which, every minute, pumps 5000 gallons of very cold water. The water in the pools is changed every 12 minutes, and no chemicals are added. This cold water will be very refreshing for you, so we advise you to go there on a very hot day. However, the park is very crowded on weekends. The opening hours are from 6am to 4pm.

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