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Canopy Adventure Volcan Barva

This tourist attraction is a family business located on a private farm in the mountains of Heredia, a 45-minute drive from San Jose, but only a few minutes from the provincial capital (Heredia).

Specifically, it is in the city of San Jose de Montana. It sits on 1700 acres of land at the foot of the Barva volcano. Of these 1700 acres, 700 are reserved for conservation purposes. A large part of this area is a natural cloud forest that will invite you to contemplate it with the help of the hanging bridge, the 13 platforms and the 11 cables hanging around typical massive oaks of ancient forests. Each of the cables has a different length (60 to 600 feet).

You will enjoy the beautiful landscapes that will pass before your eyes, while you will gently and safely hover on zip lines. If for whatever reason you prefer keeping your feet on firm ground, do not worry, it will be possible. There is an adventure park with walkable trails that allow hiking, and there is even an area where you can go mountain biking. On the other hand, if you want to relax, you will have access to canopy platforms that are often connected by a series of bridges.

Whether it's walking on land or admiring the Costa Rican jungle several meters high, your visit to the Costa Rica Canopy Tour Adventures will allow you to spend a truly enjoyable and memorable day. Just like the Costa Ricans, come live the PURA VIDA through this wonderful experience.

For your visit, it is advisable to bring an insect repellent, hiking or sport shoes. Unfortunately, this activity is not recommended for children under 5 years old.

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