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Explore Heredia, the city of flowers

The province of Heredia is located in the center-north of the country and is surrounded by three other provinces including: Alajuela, San Jose and Limon; it also shares a border with Nicaragua, which is located in the North.

Heredia is composed of 10 cantons and 47 districts, which limits its surface to only 2657 km2. As a result, it is the smallest of the provinces and occupies only 5% of the national territory.

Like some other provinces, it has no access to the sea. However, it doesn’t mean that it has nothing entertaining to offer. Even today, Heredia is home to many coffee fields, many of which have been developed for guided tours, where visitors learn about the cultivation of this much appreciated black gold worldwide.

The province is also known for having breathtaking landscapes. That is somehow why its capital (Heredia) is called la ciudad de las flores (the city of flowers).

Visitors who will go to this beautiful province will return home with some of the Costa Rican culture in them.

Nature experience

It is true that Heredia is the smallest of the provinces, but in terms of nature experience, its parks and national reserves still allow it to compare itself to the large provinces (Puntarenas&Guanacaste).

Its Braulio Carrillo National Park has the honor of bearing the same name as one of the country's former presidents who believed in the protection of the environment. The National Institute of Biodiversity Park is also a convincing proof of Costa Rica's desire to preserve its biodiversity. As for the Oja de Agua Park, it is a tourist attraction that no visitor who go to Heredia should miss. It is literally a source of refreshment during the torrid heat days.

As for the Bosque de la Hoja Recreation Center, it offers visitors not only a relaxing environment, but it also allows them to contemplate the exceptional flora of Costa Rica.

Adventure experience

Despite its small geographic size, the province of Heredia also has its way of making tourists live an adventure they will not forget. So, you, your family and your friends will have a lot of fun when you’ll go toCosta Rica Canopy Tour Adventureslocated in a small town near the national capital. Joy will be at its peak when you’ll admire the Costa Rican jungle as far as the eye can see.

Canopy Adventure Volcan Barva


Cultural experience

There are many ways to immerse yourself in Costa Rican culture. Going to the province of Heredia is certainly not the least of them.

On the contrary, the small geographic size of the province is a clear advantage to take ownership of the country's culture more easily, because the places that allow so have a certain proximity with each other.

The Popular Culture Museum, for example, is a building that has a charm from the distant past, although it was inaugurated in the 1990s.

Like other provinces, Heredia gives its visitors the opportunity to taste Costa Rican coffee, and among others, it is with Britt Coffee Plantationthat tourists visiting Heredia have the opportunity to do so. It's a very literal way to have a foretaste of the Costa Rican culture.

Popular Culture Museum


Britt Coffee Plantation


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