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Rio Celeste Waterfall

This waterfall is located in the Tenerio Volcano National Park. To reach it, you will have to walk only 30 minutes from the forest rangers station.

The waters of this waterfall are a captivating azure blue. According to several sources, its bluish tint comes from a mixture of sulfur and calcium carbonate from the nearby volcano. On the other hand, according to an old legend, it seems that the gods would have dipped their brushes in the river after painting the sky in blue. Whether it's a legend or not, Rio Celeste is simply majestic.

The waterfall is 90 meters high and is surrounded by thick green vegetation. Unfortunately, swimming is prohibited, but the show it offers compensates for this ban. At the beginning of the path, as you will go through a lush forest, you will see that the water is clear, but as you’ll go along the trail, you will see that it changes color to become this captivating blue. Once in front of the waterfall, you will see a long staircase of 250 steps that leads to the viewing platform. From there, you can capture the beautiful azure blue of the waterfall.

The path is muddy especially when it rains, so it is strongly recommended to wear hiking shoes or boots. We also suggest you to wear long clothes if you plan to go in the morning, but if you decide to go in the afternoon, shorts and a short-sleeved shirt will be fine.

It is strongly suggested to bring a lot of water because the temperature increases during the day. You may also need a mosquito repellent. It is recommended to be in good physical shape to walk this path.

Although the best time to visit the waterfall is during the dry season (December to April), the place is busy from February to April. So, to maximize the satisfaction of your visit, we advise you to go during the months of December and January.

It is true that the park where the waterfall is located opens from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, but the last admission is at 2:00 pm. So be sure to go way before this time. Entrance fees are $12.

Enjoy your visit !

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