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Rincon de la Vieja National Park

This park is absolutely a Must if you are visiting Guanacaste. It is located 22.5 km east of Liberia and covers an area of ​​142 km2; in hectares, it is 14,161. An area that extends over two provinces: Guanacaste and Alajuela; but it is on Guanacaste that it extends the most. This national park is home to the Rincon de La Viejavolcano, a mastodon rising at an altitude of 1,916 meters in the Guanacaste Mountain range. If you are an aspiring volcanologist or just want to satisfy your curiosity, you can visit this volcano. However, caution is advised, because according to some sources, its main crater periodically spews steam to prove that it is active in a geothermal way.

When you’ll visit the park, you will see that it contains 32 rivers and streams, but also an exceptional flora and fauna. The fauna consists mainly of spider-monkeys, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, owls, eagles, some wild animals including cougar and jaguar, and a few other species, including sloth and tapir. As for its flora, it mainly proposes a species of orchid that the Costa Ricans call Guana Morada, which is the national flower of the country.

When you’ll visit this park, apart from watching animals, you’ll be able to do many other activities. The two most popular are probably river rafting on the Rio Colorado River and horseback riding and hiking. There are trails that allow you to hike with no problem at all. You will also have the opportunity to soak into a source of hot sulfuric water on the trail you’ll hike on. If you’ll intend to go hiking, it is recommended to bring a sufficient amount of water to stay hydrated, and a layer of warm clothes that are water resistant. The best times to visit the park are from November to February and from the end of June to the end of August.

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