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Playa Samara

Samara is a large and beautiful beach located in a small town of the same name, 4 hours drive from San Jose. Tourists, as locals do not tire of visiting it to have a good time with family, friends or alone. Its fine gray sand and the many coconut and palm trees that surround it give it an unparalleled charm. It is ideal for a good relaxation in the shade, precisely, because of the coconut and palm trees. Its turquoise blue water, well warmed by the sun, makes it pleasant for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, stand-up paddling, sport fishing, surfing, canoeing or even a boat trip, which will allow you to see dolphins. These are just a few of the water activities that can be done. Tourists who want it, can also go for a guided hike or horseback riding around the beach. This hike will take you to the heart of a forest with tropical vegetation and you will see some animals. Those who want to eat after spending a lot of energy in any activity will be able to do it without problem because there are several restaurants near the beach. Considered one of the safest beaches, Samara is the answer for those who want a get away as a family or travel incognito. If you ever want to go with the wind, let it take you to Samara beach.

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