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Playa Conchal

If you are a person who enjoys spending time in pleasant water during hours of sunshine, this beach is the answer you are looking for.

Known as one of the most exotic beaches in Costa Rica, Conchal has at least 10 hours of sunshine a day, from December to April. The temperature of its turquoise blue water is always comfortable and ideal for swimming, snorkeling, diving and water skiing. For the more adventurous, deep sea fishing, scuba diving and other water sports are also offered.

What makes it very different from the other beaches is that part of its edge is dotted with white sand, and the other part with crushed shells (hence its name: Conchal).

With its 4 km length, you will certainly find a place to relax or play beach volleyball with your friends. If you are in the Costa Rican capital and you absolutely want to visit this beach, it will take you 4 hours of drive. Therefore, during these 4 hours, you will see beautiful landscapes scroll before your eyes.

Conchal is only 2 kilometers from Brasilito Beach. For golf enthusiasts, they will be able to play a game on the «Garra de Leon» field, which is only a few steps from the beach. This championship course, designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr, is considered one of the best golf courses in Central America, with its breathtaking scenic beauty on the Pacific coast.

Bordered by a forest on one side, you will probably see howler monkeys living there.

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