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Casona de Hacienda Santa Rosa

It is an emblematic and very significant building, not only in the history of the province, but also in that of the country. It’s located 36 km north of Liberia; more specifically, it is part of the Santa Rosa National Park and covers an area of ​​38,674 hectares. It’s very close to this building that a Ilvery important battle took place between Costa Rica and the buccaneers of William Walker, an American, in March 1856. Surprisingly, the battle lasted only 15 minutes and ended by the victory of Costa Rica. According to some sources, this building was the largest of the Santa Rosa farm. It was destroyed by a fire probably, but was rebuilt in 1985.

Your visit to this place will show you the enclosures that contain the old farming tools that the farmers used to plow the land. In addition, you will be able to take a look at the chapel that was intended for religious services at the back of the main building. While you’ll be there, do not forget to take a walk in the outside corridors; they will offer you a striking panoramic view of the surrounding rainforest. Therefore, what will make your visit complete is the museum which is located in the building and which is 550 m2. The museum tells the Battle of Santa Rosa and others that took place on the territory. You will also see photos, historical documents and a collection of firearms. While you’ll be in the Santa Rosa Park, don’t forget to reserve a time to visit this monument, it is accessible from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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