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Guanacaste National Park

By visiting the northwest part of Guanacaste, you will reach this park waiting to be discovered. It was created in 1989 by the project of Dr. Daniel Janzen. It covers a large area measuring 325 km2 and is located near the Santa Rosa National Park. The park and its beautiful landscapes have been declared Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. The vast territory that it covers is divided in 3 sectors that are more or less similar: Maritza, Pitilla and Cocoa and which shelter 2 volcanoes (Cocoa and Orosi). Each of the volcanoes is 1659 meters high.

The Maritza section is 650 meters high on the slopes of the Orosi volcano. This section is home to a two-part transitional forest: dry and wet. In addition, it contains water sources and streams.

The Pitilla area is located 1 kilometer south of the city of La Cruz. Its main resource is its humid forest. It has trails on which visitors can hike while observing a huge number of birds and other animals.

As for the Cacao sector, it is at 1100 meters above sea level on the slopes of the volcano of which it bears the same name. It contains trails that connect dry to humid forests to cloud forests. It is possible to climb the Cacao volcano, but only with permission.

The Guanacaste National Park’s flora is relatively varied, as it is composed of as many species of plants as trees. It is possible to see: mango trees, white sapotes, guanacastes, albizia saman (rain tree), orchids, ferns, epiphytes and others. As for wildlife, it is composed of a multitude of species. For the bird family, you'll see: orange-fronted parrots, cararas, ospreys, toucans, montezuma oropendolas, black hawks and many others.

As for the mammals, they are: jaguars, white-tailed deer, pacas, tapirs, pumas, collared peccaries, howler monkeys, capuchin monkeys, white-nosed mantis, bats, colorful squirrels, etc. Some reptiles and amphibians have also elected the park for home. During your walk, you will notice that there are a very large number of moths and other insects as well.

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