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Celebrations of Santa Cruz

A visit to the Tio Leo Coffee Tour plantation is not enough to fully immerse yourself in the culture of Costa Rica. You absolutely must take part in the festive events that take place in the city of Santa Cruz. After Liberia, this city is considered the second most important one in the province of Guanacaste. It is only a 30-minute drive from Daniel Oduber International Airport. These festive celebrations take place year-round; in other words, there is always something to celebrate each season. In mid-June for example, the Ticos and Ticas (Costa Ricans) party for a whole week. During this week, citizens are entitled to folk dances, music, bull fights, etc. These festivities are not only to entertain people, but it is also (first) to honor the patron saint of Santa Cruz. Clearly said, it’s a country celebration.

Another way to understand Guanacaste's culture is to go to the village called Guaitil, which is near Santa Cruz. In this village, you will get a glimpse of craftsmanship through chorotega pottery (pre-Columbian style) kneaded by an indigenous people named Chorotega. This style of pottery is made with dried local clay that is mixed with other products. Some stages of its making are unveiled, but others are secretly kept.

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