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The province of Guanacaste is located in the north-west of the country and shares a border with the provinces Alajuela and Puntarenas, and covers an area of 10,140.71 km2.

From a territorial point of view, Guanacaste is divided into 11 cantons which themselves are formed by 59 districts. Its history differs from those of the other provinces, because there was a time when it belonged to Nicaragua.

Guanacaste has a savanna climate, which means that winters are dry. However, it’s during the summer that precipitations are much higher. Although Guanacaste highlights Costa Rica's ecological side, it is not the only province to do so. On the other hand, with its numerous national parks, it covers a multitude of natural areas which, through fauna and flora, allow direct contact with nature in all its splendor. Its multitude of tourist attractions will allow you to circulate in the meanders of experiences that transcend the ordinary. It is also one of the most popular provinces in Costa Rica, given its ability to please almost all categories of tourists. This popularity earned it the pseudonym of Tropical Paradise.

Seaside experience

To live a seaside experience completely out of the ordinary, Guanacaste is the choice you must make.

Indeed, the province is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. Some are more suitable for swimming, others are for water activities, while others allow both. Tamarindo Beach, for example, one of the most popular in the province, allows visitors to indulge in a multitude of water activities. As for the playa Hermosa, it is the choice that tourists who want to swim in tranquility must make, but without compromising the fun that it provides. Another beach that is appreciated by many people is Playa Samara; it is located in a village with the same name. People who visit this village have the opportunity to do a lot of activities on the beach or nearby; activities that provide a lot of fun. Regarding the beach Conchal, it is one of the Musts. Located near Brasilito Beach, it is halfway between the north and south of the province

Nature Experience

From a nature point of view, Costa Rica is teeming with national parks, rainforests and waterfalls that showcase its natural beauty. Guanacaste indeed tends to distinguish itself from the other provinces, as it has attractions that explain the Eco-tourism side of the country. The visitor who will go to Guanacaste can expect to explore a dense and lush green flora, as well as a diverse fauna that is different from those of other countries. It is precisely these national parks that make the country so popular with tourists and even locals.

The Rincon de La Vieja National Park is undoubtedly one of the parks that allow visitors to see wildlife close. As for Santa Rosa National Park, it’s located in the north of the province and protects a forest zone that’s one of a kind in Central America. Concerning the Palo Verde National Park, its dichotomous nature still surprises many tourists.

Anyone traveling to Guanacaste should not leave without visiting the Rio Celeste waterfall and/or the Llanos de Cortez waterfall; two attractions that, by their beauty, leave all tourists amazed.

Cultural experience

There is no better way to know more about a country or at least one of its cities than by immersing yourself in its culture and history. No matter where you go in the country, you will have an idea of its culture just by observing the way inhabitants live.

When visiting Guanacaste, if you want to live a Costa Rican cultural experience that is out of the ordinary, you must absolutely go to Guardia, a village in the capital Liberia. This is where Leo awaits you for the Tio Leo Coffee Tour. After this visit, Costa Rican coffee will have no secrets for you.

To amplify your cultural immersion, make sure not to miss the celebrations of Santa Cruz that honor the patron saint of the city.

Tio Leo Coffee Tour


Santa Cruz Celebrations


Historical experience

Like any other country, Costa Rica has a rich and unique history. Apart from culture, history is what forges the identity of a country or region of the country in question. As for the province of Guanacaste, several monuments retrace its historical course in parallel with that of the country itself.

The Casona de Hacienda Santa Rosa is one of the monuments that form the basis of Guanacaste’s history. Visiting the province without seeing this wonderful monument face to face is like receiving a well-packaged gift and never unwrapping it.

Casona de Hacienda Santa Rosa


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