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Tapanti-Marcizo de la Muerte National Park

This park created in 1992 covers a 583 km2land and is located 35 km southeast of the national capital. More precisely, it is located at the northeastern end of the Cordillera de Talamanca, 10 kilometers from the provincial capital. Its geographical position is one of the places in Costa Rica where it rains the most, because of its high altitude (1,220 and 2,560 meters). It is one of the reasons why the vegetation of its flora is fresh, green and dense. It is mainly composed of oaks, willows, magnolias, quebrachos, bromeliads, orchids, ferns, sombrilla pobre (umbrella of the poor), a herbaceous plant with very large leaves. There are also a multitude of other species of plants, trees and flowers.

As for the fauna, it is extremely rich with its 45 species of mammals, including: tapir, paca, agouti, ocelot, jaguar, leopard, cat-tiger and countless others. Its 260 species of birds are mainly: quetzals, hawks, turkeys, pigeons, goldfinches, hummingbirds, parakeets, mountain hens, tanagers, orioles, etc. As for amphibians, there are about 28 species, including: salamanders, frogs, toads, etc. For the reptiles, there are no less than 30 species that cohabit with other animals.

The Tapanti-Marcizo de la Muerte National Park is divided into two sections: Tapanti and Macizo de la Muerte, hence its name. The sector of Tapanti is composed of developed trails on which it is possible to make a hike. There is a parking area, a washroom, an information center and a picnic area. Visitors can even swim in the Rio Grande River which is nearby. The Macizo de la Muerte section offers the same amenities, but differs from Tapanti in terms of average temperature. For Macizo de la Muerte, the average annual temperature is 6°C, while for Tapanti it is 26°C. The only question is which of the two sections will please you the most. They are both open daily from 5am to 3:30pm.

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