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Lankaster Botanical Gardens

Often referred as the «Orchid Paradise», these splendid gardens are located just outside of Cartago City, 5 km from it. They occupy a land measuring approximately 11 hectares on an elevation of 1,371 meters. Since their creation in 1973, they have amazed thousands of people with the multitude of flowers with shimmering colors. It is mainly the orchids that garnish them with a world-class collection of nearly a thousand varieties. This family of orchids includes vanilla and other species that are commonly grown such as: phalenopsis and cattleya.

Among the plants, there are cacti, succulents, bamboos, palms, helicons, bromeliads, conifers, etc. These plants and flowers make a total of approximately 3,000 species. Of course, where there are plants and flowers, there are also birds and insects. Thus, during your visit, you will see among others, many hummingbirds and butterflies foraging from flower to flower to suck the nectar. The Lankaster Botanical Gardens are open every day of the week, from 8:30am to 4:30pm. The best time to get there is from February to April, because it is at this time that most flowers blossom.

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