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Irazu Volcano National Park

This park located 31 km west of Cartago City covers an area of ​​2,309 hectares; a true rainforest filled with shrubs and that surrounds the Irazu volcano. It was created in 1955 to protect the flora and fauna already made vulnerable by the ashes of the volcano itself. The original name of the volcano was Indian: «Iztarú», which means «noisy mountain» or «tremor». As the years went by, oral transmission has slightly changed it to «Irazú». With its 3,432 meters height, Irazu is the highest volcano in the country. This colossus, still active, dominates the entire province, or even the whole country. At its summit, there are five craters; one of them houses a sulphureous lake; the others are located on each side of the main crater.

Although it is composed of a diversified vegetation, the flora is less varied than the fauna which is mainly an amalgam of birds and mammals. The chingolo bunting, the robin, various species of hummingbirds and owls and some other species form the winged family. Your visit will make you notice that the mammals are not numerous either. However, you will see: small red squirrels, armadillos, porcupines, gray foxes, rabbits and coyotes. The Irazu Volcano National Park contains an information office that provides guide service and a well-equipped area for visitors to eat. There are also sanitary facilities. The Irazu Volcano National Park welcomes visitors every day, from 8am to 3:30pm.

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