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Our Lady of the Angels Basilica

This beautiful and imposing cathedral is in Cartago City. It was built on the ruins of an ancient temple destroyed by an earthquake in 1910. Its construction began in 1912 under the bishopric of Msgr Anselmo Llorente Y Lafuentewith the new Byzantine style that architect Lluis Llach Llagostera gave it. Its construction ended in 1924. Legend has it that a peasant named Juana Pereira found the Virgin on a stone, and it is apparently there that the first basilica was built in her honor. Thus, this cathedral is under the name of the Los AngelesVirgin better known as La Negrita, patron saint of the country.

When you’ll visit the Our Lady of the Angels Basilica, you will notice that on its sides, there are several altars dedicated to a number of saints, such as San Antonio de Padua, San Cayetano, San Vicente de Paul, etc. However, what will get most of your attention is probably La Negrita, a black sculpture measuring only about twenty centimeters high that Costa Ricans admire a lot. The small statue rests in its own sanctuary which is decorated with gold and precious stones.

The octagonal cupola which crowns the large facade highlights its architecture. The large nave has a double cross shape and is supported by huge columns.

Because it is the main religious pilgrimage center in Costa Rica, every year on August 2nd, thousands of people make a spiritual pilgrimage to Cartago to ask favors from the Virgin of Our Lady of the Angels.

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