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Explore Cartago, the country's religious capital

The province of Cartago is literally located in the center of the country. It is therefore landlocked between San Jose, which is to the West and Limon, which is to the East with no access to the sea. It covers an area of ​​3 124.6 km2, thus occupying only 6% of the national territory. It is formed by 8 cantons which are a total of 47 districts. Despite being the sixth largest province, it ranks third in terms of population.

It has many tourist attractions that make the country worth visiting one day or another. Its capital Cartago is considered as the religious capital of the country. In the past, until 1823, it was the national capital, until San Jose was chosen to replace it. Your visit to the province will allow you to understand why citizens call the city: Ciudad de las Brumas (City of Mists). Your visit will make you receive the warm welcome that Costa Ricans offer all visitors who walk on the soil of their country.

Nature experience

As it is the case for all provinces, Cartago has a lot to offer tourists who have the pleasure of visiting it. Despite its small size, it is home to some national parks that, like those of the other provinces, receive thousands of tourists annually. These visitors, both foreign and local, have the opportunity to see that the country is making great efforts to preserve its biodiversity. Although it is home to the highest colossus of the country (Irazu volcano), Irazu Volcano National Park is also the home of a dense flora and a diverse fauna. The Tapanti-Marcizo dela MuerteNational Park will invite tourists to contemplate its exceptional flora and to observe its impressive fauna. Tourists who love plants and flowers will be amazed when they visit the Lankaster Botanical Gardens to see the extraordinary collection of orchids that colors the gardens.

Cultural experience

While visiting Cartago, do not miss the opportunity to learn more about Costa Rican culture as the millions of tourists who have traveled there have already done it.

Several monuments in the province of Cartago will allow you to circulate in the halls of the country’s culture. Of these, among others, there are museums, coffee plantations, cathedrals, cultural centers, etc.

Religion is also a very representative facet of the country’s culture. It plays a big role in the life of Ticos and Ticas. Costa Rica is home to a multitude of cathedrals, and Our Lady of the Angels Basilica, one of the most beautiful of all the country, is in Cartago.

Basilique de los Angeles de Cartago


Ruins of Ujarrás


Historical experience

A country’s history is its soul. This given country has several ways to tell its history, whether it is long or short.

Each province of Costa Rica uses all the tools at its disposal to tell not only the country’s culture, but also its history to all tourists who are visiting the country; it is to offer them experiences that they will immortalize in their memory.

Among the few museums housed by the province of Cartago, Omar Salazar Obando Museum uses its contents to describe the way of life of the natives who have particularly inhabited this province in the past centuries.

Omar Salazar Obando Regional Museum


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