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Venado Caves

Located about 45 minutes from La Fortuna de San Carlos, the Venado Caves are an underground limestone labyrinth of eight rooms extending to a length of 2700 meters. This labyrinth was formed 15 to 20 million years ago during the Miocene geological period by underground rivers and the movement of a tectonic plate near the Arenal volcano. The caves were only discovered in 1945, although it is said that the Guatuso natives knew their existence before. Despite this, it’s only many years later that an in-depth exploration was done to discover what they hide.

Thus, you will be amazed when you’ll see the limestone rock formations and the variety of marine fossils that the caves themselves immortalized when they were still below sea level. During 90 minutes, you will circulate in the corridors of the caves with a bilingual guide who will help you spot the creatures that coexist in the caves; for example, bats, monochrome frogs and many others. This will offer you an insight into the mystical underground world through a fascinating, even educational adventure.

This activity requires a good physical shape, but it provides a strong dose of adrenaline. If you’ll want to participate in it, we recommend you to wear light clothes that can dry quickly. Also wear cotton socks for the rubber boots you are going to wear. You might also need a towel. Remove all your jewelry before entering the caves; the Venado Caves are accessible from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

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