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Juan Santamaria Historical Cultural Museum

This museum is extremely important for Costa Ricans because it bears the name of a national hero (Juan Santamaria) who, during the Battle of Riva sacrificed his life to save the country under the oppression of William Walker and its buccaneers in April 1856. Sitting in the capital of the province, in the old prison’s building of the city, the museum is less than 20 minutes drive from the airport of the same name. During your visit, you’ll understand why Costa Ricans attach so much importance to this museum and why the Conservatives are totally dedicated to the recovery and preservation of the national heritage since it opened in 1980.

Inside of Juan Santamaria Museum, you’ll see that its complete collections cover the full range of natural, cultural, historical and artistic interests. Its exhibition halls are an amalgam of paintings, sculptures, engravings, photos, as well as weapons and objects used by Costa Rican soldiers during the war. The content is of great historical significance. Through these exhibitions, you will relive the glorious past of the country's nineteenth century. There are even permanent and temporary galleries presenting works by artists. The museum also offers guided tours that will tell you more through dances, concerts, lectures and theatrical performances. The Juan Santamaria Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:30am to 5:00pm. Go learn more about who Juan Santamaria was and his great sacrifice for his country.

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