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Juan Castro Blanco National Park

Juan Castro Blanco National Park is also known as Parque de Aguas (the waters park). It protects mid-altitude and high-altitude rainforests located on the slope of three peaks that are no longer active. It is the Porvenir which imposes itself with its 2267 meters high, Platanar which rises at 2183 meters and El Viejo which culminates at 2060 meters. The park covers an area of ​​over 14,300 hectares and is located east of Ciudad Quesada City and about 100 km north of San Jose.

Your visit to the Juan Castro Blanco National Park will put you face to face with a green and thick flora that is the sanctuary of an impressive wildlife. This vegetation contains trees that reach 30 meters high, and even more. These include alder, aguacatillo (also known as the Guatemala avocado tree), balsa (Ochroma pyramidale), Spanish elm, oak, Spanish cedar, varieties of palms and ferns, and innumerable others. There are even orchids that perfume the air with their sweet smell. As for the fauna, there is a very large number of species waiting for your visit. Of this number, for mammals, there are: coyote, white-tailed deer, ocelot, tapir, howler and capuchin monkeys, two and three fingered sloths, and many others. For the birds, you will see: quetzal, peacock, falcon, chachalaca (bird species in the family gallinaceous family), pava negra (black turkey), and many others. The park is also home to about 44 species of amphibians and some reptiles.

The park is well-equipped to welcome visitors, as there are an information office, washrooms and trails that are easy to walk on. Before going to the Juan Castro Blanco National Park, you are advised to wear comfortable shoes, long clothing and bring a light jacket and a raincoat, because the climate is sometimes unpredictable. Do not forget to take water, sunscreen and a mosquito repellent with you to make your visit more enjoyable.

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