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Arenal Volcano National Park

Located in Alajuela City, the provincial capital, this park proposes visitors to live an exciting adventure with all it has to offer.

Created in 1991, Arenal Volcano National Parkcovers an area of ​​12,124 hectares and is home to two volcanoes: Arenal & Chato.

The Arenal volcano has a conical shape almost perfect and dominates the landscape with its 1720 meters of altitude. Unfortunately, it is not accessible because it is still active and its ascent remains dangerous. However, you can admire it from afar, because the view is still magnificent.

As for Chato volcano, it is also active and rises to an altitude of 1140 meters. Unlike the Arenal Volcano, the Chato peak collapsed; thus, it has created a bright emerald-colored lagoon. Chato is surrounded by lush and humid forests that honor the country.

These forests are a mixture of ceiba, ficus, cecropia, purslane woods, balsa, orchids, various species of palms, ferns and bromeliads, as well as endemic species like the pitcaimia funkiae, and many others plant species. As for the fauna, it is composed mainly of birds and mammals, but is a little more varied than the flora. Regarding the family of the winged, visitors will be able to see: large hocco, magpies, hummingbirds, toucans, woodpeckers and many more. The members of the mammal family are: white-nosed coati, cuniculus paca, red-crested pygmy, anteater, tapir, capuchin monkey, spider monkey, ocelot, puma and many others.

You will be in awe before this fauna and flora that you can observe while hiking or horseback riding. You’ll also be able to go rafting on the Toro River. You’ll have the opportunity to try a new experience by soaking your feet or by bathing into one or more of Arenal's many hot springs. These hot springs are a natural phenomenon caused by volcanic activity. The Baldi Hot Springs at the foot of the volcano are made up of several natural pools whose water comes directly from the volcano. Temperatures range between 33°C and 65°C depending on the pool. The Arenal Volcano sources are among the most popular in the country. You will have plenty of time to do several activities because the park is open from 8am to 4pm.

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