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Explore Alajuela, the Costa Rica’s second largest city

Alajuela is in the north of the country and shares borders with Guanacaste, Heredia, Puntarenas, San Jose and Nicaragua, the neighboring country. With a surface of 9 757,53 km2, the province is the sum of 15 cantons, themselves a total of 108 districts.

It is the second largest province behind Puntarenas. Its capital Alajuela is the second most populated city of the country; the first being San Jose, the national capital.

Although it does not have access to the sea, Alajuela still offers tourists the opportunity to do several activities that provide as much pleasure as the beaches. Thus, by visiting monuments and sites of the colonial era (for instance the Juan Santamaria Museum), national parks and other tourist attractions, visitors will understand the reasons why the province has nothing to envy to its sisters. That's why through these few experiences, Alajuela graciously presents itself on the tourism scene, ready to entertain you from the tourist point of view; the curtains are already opened, enjoy!

Nature experience

It is true that Alajuela does not have many national parks, however, they are worth visiting, because their content makes it possible for the province to compete with the other provinces of the country.

The Arenal Volcano National Park with its two volcanoes attracts annually thousands of curious people from all over the world and even from the country. However, it does not compete with the Poas Volcano National Park, home to one of the country's most active volcanoes. Tourists do not tire of visiting it. The Juan Castro Blanco National Park, which also receives a large number of visitors each year, is always happy to present its majestic flora and diversified fauna.

As for the Ave Zoo, it has given itself the mission of rescuing certain animals that would be in danger if they stayed in the wild. Concerning La Fortuna Waterfall, it is a jewel that amazes all visitors with its impressive falls; Ticos and Ticas like it a lot.

Cultural experience

It is true that there are many ways to immerse yourself in the culture of a country, but some ways give more details than others about the culture.

The eating habit of a people is a chapter in the culture of a given country. Although coffee is a product consumed worldwide, it does not rank at the same level in the scale of the culture of each country.

In Costa Rica, as in Colombia and Brazil for example, drinking coffee is not just a matter of habit, it is also cultural. In the province of Alajuela, the Doka Estate Coffee Plantation shows that Costa Ricans, like many other peoples, are great coffee drinkers. The company has expanded its horizons by making itself known by other countries in the world.

Doka Estate Coffee Plantation


Adventure experience

The province of Alajuela promises to take you out of the ordinary to make you live an unforgettable experience. Feel free to dive in the depths of adventure to grab the pleasure to which you are entitled. In this sense, Alajuela will help you do so through many very exciting activities. No matter the city you will visit, Alajuela will warmly welcome you to fulfill its mission which is to offer you a good dose of euphoria during your stay.

Therefore, to fully enjoy your stay, it is strongly recommended that you visit Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Parkwhile visiting the province. This visit will allow you to admire the lush and green beauty of the forest from several feet high.

Take the opportunity to circulate in the mazes of the Venado Caves, an excavation that was formed several million years ago.

Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park


Venado Caves


Historical experience

Like all other provinces, with its own history, Alajuela tells part of the country's general history. There are many monuments and buildings that have crossed several eras in the history of Costa Rica and are still there to prove how different the country is from others, although like others, it is a Spanish colony.

The Juan Santamaria Historical Cultural Museum is surely young, but its name alone says a lot about the history of Costa Rica. As for its content, it represents indisputable evidences of a rich and beautiful history.

Juan Santamaria Historical Cultural Museum


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