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Welcome to the greenest destination on the planet

The 5% of the world’s biodiversity that it is home to, are the sum of 33 national parks and reserves that occupy 25% of the national territory. Countless lush, verdant forests are each home to a wildlife found nowhere else. One of the forests even hosted the shooting of Jurassic Park movie.

Costa Rica is a blend of beautiful landscapes enhanced by 116 volcanoes of which some are active, and a little more than 400 waterfalls. The country has deep respect for nature and believes in the protection of the environment. With its numerous beaches with silky sand and warm waters, it is one of the most popular destinations in the world.

The country is politically stable, which is why it decided to abolish the army several years ago.

Every minute in Costa Rica is an abundance of joy… it’s Pura Vida !

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