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Meet the Costa Rica's 5 active volcanoes

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Costa Rica is home to more than a hundred volcanoes who are the guardians of the country. It is practically impossible to be in the country and not to notice one of them, even from afar. However, of these numerous giants, only 5 are still active.

Periodically spitting out their steam, it is a way of remembering that the magma is constantly bubbling in the magma chamber. However, this does not mean that tourists can not visit them. The show they offer can still be viewed from a distance. In terms of height, here are the 5 volcanoes that refuse to sleep.

5. Arenal Volcano

This volcano is located at La Fortuna in Alajuela, specifically in the Arenal Volcano National Park. It rises to 1720 meters above sea level and has an almost perfect conical shape.

Climbing it remains dangerous, precisely because it is one of the most active in the country.

Arenal stands out in the national park landscape and can be seen from almost anywhere in the region.

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4. Tenorio Volcano

According to some sources, Tenorio is in Guanacaste, according to others, in Alajuela. However, it is located in the national park of the same name, and that park would be on the border separating the two provinces.

With its 1916 meters height, Tenorio is surrounded by a bushy and green vegetation. Although very attractive with its 4 peaks and 2 craters, it is however the Rio Celeste Waterfall also in the park that attracts the most people.

3. Poas Volcano

Considered one of the country’s most spectacular volcanoes, Poas is surrounded by the national park of the same name, in the province of Alajuela, just 37 kilometers from San Jose.

This impressive giant stands 2708 meters high and has 3 craters. The main crater has a diameter of 1.3 kilometer and a depth of 304 meters with a blue-green lagoon.

Unlike the Arenal volcano, climbing Poas is not very difficult.

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2. Turrialba Volcano

With an altitude of 3340 meters, Turrialba is the country’s second highest volcano.

Like its neighbor Irazu, it is located in the province of Cartago. It is surrounded by a lush forest that is home to several animal species.

There is a network of trails that allow climbing when it is not active. Its summit has 3 craters, the largest of which has a diameter of 50 meters.

Its last eruption would date from May 2016.

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1. Irazu Volcano

From its 3432 meters height, Irazu completely dominates the landscape of the national park in which it is located (Irazu Volcano National Park), or even the whole region, the province of Cartago. As a result, it is the highest volcano of the country.

Its summit contains 5 craters, one of which houses a sulphureous lake; the others are located on each side of the main, which has a diameter of 1.05 kilometer and 300 meters deep. Another crater is 1 kilometer in diameter and 80 meters deep and contains a small lake. The other craters do not have a lake.

Although it is the country’s highest volcano and is still active, it is possible to climb it.

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