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Costa Rica’s top 10 most spectacular waterfalls

Created by Junior Jacques | |   Tips and Tricks

Costa Rica has a large number of waterfalls, each of which is surrounded by lush vegetation that makes it simply irresistible. All these waterfalls...

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Arenal Volcano in Alajuela, Costa Rica

Meet the Costa Rica's 5 active volcanoes

Created by Junior Jacques | |   Tips and Tricks

Costa Rica is home to more than a hundred volcanoes who are the guardians of the country. It is practically impossible to be in the country and not to...

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Costa Rica’s top 7 largest national parks

Created by Junior Jacques | |   Tips and Tricks

Have you ever wondered why Costa Rica is the greenest country on earth, and why its people are so happy ?

The answer to the first part of the...

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Top 5 most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica

|   Tips and Tricks

Costa Rica is not only made of national parks, reserves and waterfalls, it is also multiple beaches that make it attractive and very popular with...

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Top 5 best All Inclusive Resorts in Costa Rica

Created by Writter | |   Tips and Tricks

Sometimes, you just need an all inclusive package to kick back, relax, enjoy the beach and eat amazing meals and worry about nothing. He is our top 5...

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9 reasons to visit Costa Rica during the Green Season (May through November)

Created by Nina Kokotas Hahn | |   Tips and Tricks

Waiting for Costa Rica’s dry season (December through April)? You may be missing out on the more intense experience happening during the green...

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