One of the most important tourist areas of Costa Rica

Puntarenas is one of the most important tourist areas of Costa Rica. Its coasts are clothed with abundant islands, coves, beaches and natural treasures, of all beauty and which earned it the title of tourist destination par excellence. Its territory offers a wide variety of attractions linked to the sun and the beach, to which are added protected, insular and continental areas.

The city of Puntarenas is its main center which functions as a place of stay, distribution, stopover and excursion. Its tourist development has favored infrastructures such as hotels and traditional cabins near the sea as well as all-inclusive packages.

This spectacular area is very close to the central valley, at 2 hours and 120 km precisely of the capital.

The peninsular sector includes important tourist development centers such as Tambor, Santa Teresa and Montezuma, of appreciable natural beauty. The beach and the sun are their main assets. There are also the absolute nature reserve of Cabo Blanco, the islands of San Lucas, Chira, Tortuga and the island of Coco.

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