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History tells us that in 1502 Christopher Columbus arrived in Costa Rica at the place that is now known as Puerto Limón.

Limón is the port of excellence of the country as it serves as a port of loading for imports and exports. It is also equipped with all facilities to receive cruise ships accommodating tourists.

The old quarter of the city has all the characteristics of a historic center and it is being renovated with the restoration of buildings and a pedestrian passage that goes from the park Vargas to the market.

Boulevar de Limòn

This pretty pedestrian street stretches 400 meters from Avenue 2 of the town of Limón. It begins west on 4th Street and ends to the east in front of the dike. The central market of the city, built in 1941, is on this boulevard. On the corner, in front of the market, is another very beautiful building: the national bank of Costa Rica. Continuing 150 meters to the east, stands a beautiful construction: the Costa Rica pension.

On the last stretch is the park Vargas and opposite the north side of the park it is the building of the municipality of Limón and on the other side an old building that belonged to the Compagnie Bananière and which today houses Offices and commercial premises. The boulevard ends on the dike, where there is an amphitheater from where one can observe Quiribrí Island.

This dike is also very frequented by the inhabitants of Limón and the tourists. It extends, along the coast for a few hundred meters, to the hospital Tony Facio.

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