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You are curious and want to know more about volcanoes ? Know that by choosing Costa Rica or even Cartago, you have hit the bullseye because the country has many volcanoes. In Cartago, volcanoes Irazu (still in activity) and Turrialba can satisfy your curiosity.

You don’t like volcanoes ? Yet again, don’t panic because there are many more tourist attractions that are expecting your visit to learn more about not only the province of Cartago, but also about whole country so that you can know what makes it so popular in terms of tourism. As an example, it is the case of Los Quetzales National Park and its mountains that are covered with tropical vegetation. There are 25 endemic animal species in the park. If you are fascinated by the animal world, visiting the park is a must because it could be the occasion to discover the species that are found only in Costa Rica. However, the best time to visit the park is during the dry season; from december to april. You can also visitTapanti National Park with its spectacular waterfall that will charm you.

For those of you that are drawn by flowers,Lankester botanical garden is the solution. It has one of the world’s greatest Orchids collections. Bet that at least one kind of the Orchids will please you. Once you’ll be there, make sure you take some pictures.

There are of course other places that you can visit ! What ? The Juan Vinas area. There, you can discover the culture of coffee, sugar cane and the macadamia nuts.

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