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Over 200 identifiable volcanic formations

Part of the Pacific Ring Fire Circle, Costa Rica has over 200 identifiable volcanic formations dating back over 65 million years. Today, however, only 100 or so show any signs of volcanic activity, while just five are classified as active volcanoes. Most of the volcanoes in Costa Rica lie in the northern part of the country and in the Central Highlands.

In Costa Rica, volcanoes are considered to be the top tourist attractions. They attract the attention of tourists and scientists of the world, these volcanoes are an important factor in terms of the spectacular natural diversity of the country. One must believe that their role is extremely important in the manner in which the lust of the landscape presents itself in nature. Because of the many eruptions over the last millennia, soil in Costa Rica is rich in many minerals and is very fertile. This fertility in turn has contributed to the dense green vegetation, which not only supports a myriad of species of birds and wildlife, but is also home to many tropical and exotic plants and trees as well.

Adventure enthusiasts who like to get away from the cities and see some of the natural wonders that the little nation has to offer will be served. For travelers in search of excitement on their holidays who want to witness one of the most beautiful and unique sites in the country, this is the ideal activity.

Tourists looking for ecological diversity and unique scenery have traveled to Costa Rica to admire its golden shores, lush tropical forests and its epic and impressive volcanoes can find footwear at their feet.

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