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More than 60 national parks

Costa Rica's national parks system is a network of protected tropical forests, dry tropical forests, cloud forests, marine areas and wetlands. That represents 5% of the earth's biodiversity.

That said, ecotourism enthusiasts should know that Costa Rica is one of the recognized territories for its natural parks with more than 60 national parks in more than a dozen ecological zones, which will allow amateurs to have any kind of Enriching experiences. Visitors can enjoy the country's tropical dry, wet, and rain forests, as well as exhilarating jungle landscapes, all without traveling long distances.

Costa Rica is also a world leader in the conservation policy of protected areas covering more than 25% of the total land mass, the highest in the world. That is why one of the best ways to support these conservation policies is to visit national parks during your trip to Costa Rica as the fees support the park community. It is true, visiting Costa Rica national park , will Improve the cause of sustainable development, but also it is very beneficial for people who want direct contact with nature.

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